Notices 22nd March 2020




Due to the Covid -19 virus there will not be any church activities for the foreseeable future. Below is an email sent by Iver Martin, our interim moderator, which details how services will be conducted and contacts if required.




Services can be found by logging in to the Bon Accord Free Church web site,  and then clicking “sermons” followed by “live sermons”.




Contact details for deacons and elders can be found in the congregational directory if you received one recently.




Dear Everyone at Bon Accord,




You will probably know by now that, because of the current Covid-19 crisis, the Board of Trustees of the Free Church of Scotland has advised the cancellation of all church services until further notice. This is in keeping with general government advice to avoid all social contact. I have attached the advice from the Board.




For Bon Accord, this means that, from now on, all services are suspended until further notice. This includes prayer meetings and other gatherings. 




We will, instead, make full use of our live stream facility so that you can access the ministry of the word at home. This arrangement can never fully replace our gathering each Sunday at Bon Accord, but nonetheless, our worship will be authentic, even though it happens by way of live stream. 




So each Sunday at 11:00 I will lead a short service which will consist of a welcome, prayer, Bible Reading and sermon, followed by a final closing prayer. 




At 18:00, the time of the normal Bon Accord evening service, there will be an additional on line event in which, after a short introduction by me, we will listen to a different preacher and sermon, carefully selected and provided on our web site live service facility. 




Of course, there is a vast variety of internet ministry resources, many of them excellent. However, we believe that it is important to have a focal point around which we can gather and benefit from being "together", listening to the same message. 




These are strange and unsettling days. But the Lord has brought these circumstances upon us and he will bring us through them. Our objective is not simply to survive this time, but to make use of the unique opportunity which it gives us. We must also be mindful of one another and particularly anyone who is suffering the effects of age, illness, and isolation.  It is therefore vital that everyone is aware and responsive to the needs of others, and that, as a body of believers, we are active in supporting one another through this. 






Practical Help


The Deacons met earlier this week and decided to reach out in several ways to offer and encourage help among the congregation and those connected with it.   In addition, the Welcome Team are available to provide practical help where needed.  If you or anyone you know of needs support, then please contact any of the following, who will do what they can to provide or arrange help;


· Your Neighbourhood Fellowship Leader(s)


· Any of the Deacons


· Anyone within the Welcome Team


More information on names and contact details for Deacons, Elders and members of the Welcome Team will be provided shortly.




Moderator's Address




The Moderator of the General Assembly, Rev Donnie G MacDonald has written an excellent pastoral article which I am also attaching. You can also access this by video here:






The fact that we cannot meet for prayer does not mean that we cannot pray. I'd suggest that we all make a point of setting aside the same slot as we'd normally meet on on Wednesdays for prayer in our own homes, asking  for the Lord's protection, guidance and intervention during these difficult days.




Your interim moderator




Iver Martin  




Rev Iver Martin  BSc. MTh
Principal, Edinburgh Theological Seminary
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