Bon Accord Bulletin 21st November 2021



Services, for those not attending the church in person, can be found by logging in to the Bon Accord Free Church web site, and then clicking “sermons” followed by “live sermons” or by logging on Both morning and evening services will be live streamed.


We are delighted to welcome Craig Anderson to preach for us this Sunday, morning and evening. The Scripture passage for the morning service will be Psalm 130, and the passage for the evening service will be Jonah 3:1-4:4.


There will be neighbourhood fellowships this week. Group leaders will send out details and study questions during the week.


Tea and coffee will be served after both services. Please follow the direction of those serving and take care when moving with hot drinks. Please avoid clogging up the area around the hatch and move away as soon as you have been served.


In our morning service on Sunday 28 November, Neil Robert Bremner, son of JB and Sarah, will be baptised.


The Lord's Supper will now be shared in the evening service on Sunday 28 November. If you are considering becoming a member of Bon Accord on this occasion, or professing faith for the first time, please contact Joe (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The Session will be available from 17:30 in the church building on the 28 Nov. for anyone wishing to publicly profess their faith for the first time and become a member of the church.


BA Contact details:

Contact details for deacons and elders can be found in the congregational directory.


Activities during the week:

See below for details.


Crèche and Sunday School:

Creche and Sunday school will both run downstairs during the morning service.


Activities for Teens:

There is Bible class this week during the morning service.


Ladies Book Study:

We will meet via zoom on Monday 22 November at 7.30pm to study Psalm 63 verses 6-11 from the book Tumbling Sky by Matt Searles.


Guys Bible Study:

Guys Bible study meets on a Thursday evening at 7.00pm. Please ring the bell at the back door for entry. For further information speak to Joe.


Girls’ Bible Study:

Girls’ Bible Study will take place on Thursday at 7.00pm in the church foyer.


Little Lambs:

Little Lambs is held on Friday starting at 9.30am. All parents and grandparents with toddlers are welcome.


Face Masks:

Please note that if you forget to bring a face mask to church, face masks are available by requesting one from the welcome team. Please do not use one from the First Aid cupboard as these are there in case of emergency.


Weekend away thank you:

Thank you to everyone who contributed baking or puddings for the weekend away. It is so lovely to have home baking to choose from and having puddings already made makes the cooks lives so much easier.