Bon Accord Bulletin 11th April 2021



Services, for those not attending the church in person, can be found by logging in to the Bon Accord Free Church web site, and then clicking “sermons” followed by “live sermons” or by logging on Both morning and evening services will be live streamed.


The services this weekend will be conducted, remotely, by Dr. Alistair Wilson, Lecturer in Missiology, ETS. Next weekend the services will be conducted by Rev. Jeremy Ross, Dunfermline Free Church.


Neighbourhood fellowships will take place this week. Joining details are sent out by the group leaders during the week.


BA Contact details:

Contact details for deacons and elders can be found in the congregational directory.


Groups meeting this week:







Details for joining these meetings are circulated through the weekly Bon Accord intimation email, otherwise please send an enquiry through the web site


Ladies book group



Guys’ Bible study



Ladies Bible study



Girls’ Bible study




These meetings all take place using Zoom.



Return to the Bon Accord church building for worship:

The church building is now open for gathered worship.  The capacity is restricted to 50 people, therefore registering in advance is essential.  A link to an online form will be sent out each week via email.  These should be completed and submitted by the requested time to allow for processing.


Updated information on changes to the church building layout and operating procedures for people in the building is available on the church website. Included in this information is the Scottish Government guidance stating that it is mandatory for members of the congregation to always wear a face mask when in the church building.


Please note, it may be necessary on occasion for the preacher to conduct services remotely, in which case the service will be shown on the screens within the church.